Local and London writing

I run two sites for my local community that give people news, information and opinion that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

My own part of London – around Charlton, Greenwich and Blackheath – is one that’s historically been poorly-covered by the local news groups. It’s also smothered by a local council weekly which only provides one side of the story. So I hope 853 and the Charlton Champion fill a little bit of the gap the mainstream media has left behind.

I’ve also written about London for news and culture publication Snipe, and have contributed to The Guardian.

Woolwich Town Hall853 started in 2008 as a basic personal blog.

But after attending a council meeting and being struck by the barely-disguised contempt councillors were showing for the public – and how no journalists were there to cover it – it developed to highlight news and issues which weren’t being covered elsewhere.

853 offers news and opinion and provides a forum for debate on issues concerning Greenwich, Charlton, Blackheath, Woolwich and the wider south-east London area.

Find out more about 853.

CharltonI began The Charlton Champion in October 2010 as a response to almost non-existent local media coverage of SE7, and as an experiment to see if the area could sustain a local site.

It quickly found its feet by breaking news of Greenwich Council withdrawing funding for a local animal centre. The Charlton Champion’s a collaborative site, and a neutral forum for those who want to discover more about their neighbourhood and want to see it thrive.

One local newspaper responded by briefly experimenting with its own local site for SE7, and more recently Tindle Newspapers has launched a “local” version of the Greenwich Mercury title specifically aimed at Charlton – ahead of newsier patches such as Eltham or Woolwich.

More about the Charlton Champion.

The ScoopSnipe London / The Scoop: Together with journalist Adam Bienkov, I contributed to The Scoop, a blog about London politics hosted by free magazine Snipe. I also wrote for the print version of the magazine. More about my work on Snipe.

Greenwich.co.ukGreenwich.co.uk: Until 2011 I contributed news and features for local website Greenwich.co.uk.