Charlton Champion

CharltonThe Charlton Champion: I began this local blog for Charlton, south-east London in October 2010 as a response to what was, at the time, almost non-existent local media coverage.

It’s a collaborative effort – fellow writers include local musician and photographer Neil Clasper – while guest authors have included local councillors.

The Charlton Champion started as an experiment – could a quiet area of London sustain such a site? – but quickly found its feet by breaking news of Greenwich Council withdrawing funding for a much-loved animal centre (a story that’s still running).

One local newspaper responded by briefly experimenting with its own local site for SE7, and in 2013 Tindle Newspapers launched a short-lived “local” version of the Greenwich Mercury title specifically aimed at Charlton – ahead of newsier patches such as Eltham or Woolwich.

In 2015, the site featured in the Carnegie UK Trust’s report into community journalism, Click and connect: Case studies into hyperlocal news providers.

I don’t want it to become a hyped-up “hyperlocal” that’s trying to sell the area as the next big thing (thankfully, Charlton isn’t that sort of place). Instead, I’m happy for it to be a neutral forum for those who want to discover more about their neighbourhood and want to see it thrive.