Snipe, Londonist and CityMetric

From 2011 to 2014 I contributed news and comment pieces for Snipe, a London culture and politics publication set up by Canadian Darren Atwater.

He’d set up magazines in his home city of Vancouver and couldn’t understand why London media’s coverage of its own city’s affairs was so tame compared to that in North America.

Fellow journalist Adam Bienkov and I agreed, so we began contributing to Snipe as part of The Scoop, an attempt to get under the skin of London politics with a mixture of news and opinion.

It petered out as other commitments got in the way, but I’m proud of the work I did there, acting as a corrective to coverage from London’s more established outlets.

More recently, I’ve been commissioned to write pieces for Londonist and CityMetric about London transport issues.



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